Introductory prices for regular users of BaBibike!

Discounted pass prices
Annual pass 8.800HUF
Six-month pass 5.700HUF
Annual pass for students over the age of 14 7.000HUF
Annual pass for students over the age of 14 4.600HUF

Temporary User

Cost for use: Ticket price + rental cost

Ticket price
Day ticket 400HUF
3-day ticket 800HUF
Weekly ticket 1.400HUF

When you buy a ticket the System secures a deposit of 10 000HUF from your bank account. After the ticket expires, the system will deduct the deposit with the price of the ticket, and the rental fee and returns the remaining amount to your bank account within 5 days.

Rental price

The first hour is free with a valid pass.

After the first hour (free) every hour begun counts as rental and will be charged.

Rental price
up to 60 minutes Free
up to 120 minutes 200HUF
up to 180 minutes 400HUF
up to 240 minutes 600HUF
Every hour begun afterwards +200HUF

The maximum duration for rental per occasion is 12 hours. If the rented bike is not returned to one of the docking stations within 12 hours, we will report the bike as missing and look for it.
Regular User
Cost for use: Price of pass + card price + rental cost